November 2017
Northern Chapter of the VSCPA

President's Comments

Gary Brooks

Hello and Happy November! Hopefully, you got more treats than tricks yesterday. November includes Veteran’s Day (make sure to thank a veteran for his or her service) and Thanksgiving. As a bonus, we get one more hour in November thanks to the end of Day Light Saving Time, and there is an Election Day in Virginia.

Our Chapter Calendar is also very busy, and I encourage you to check the website for multiple SIG opportunities and Ethics on Wednesday, November 8, and our Chapter meeting on Tuesday, November 14th.

CPE-Related Comments

First, a recap of our October chapter meeting. My apologies for narrow options last month with NFP and a student-focused session. Thank you to Kathleen Venker for presenting about Nonprofit Solicitation Registration. The feedback from the session was very positive.
Also, the panel discussion for Why Accounting was informative. The fabulous panel included: Rajiv Chadha, Nammy Lee, Joe Greeves, and three members of our board, Beth Berk, Christopher Osborne, and Lily Weill. We had over 30 students attend, and they asked insightful questions. We achieved the goal of lowering the overall age for attendees at a chapter meeting, and I have continually had students tell me what a wonderful opportunity it is. I had several students indicate they may attend our November event.

As a reminder, there will be an option to take Ethics on November 8, 2017, from 5-6:40 pm. The location will be at UVA (thank you Nammy Lee) in Falls Church adjacent to the West Falls Church Metro. The presenter will be me, Gary Brooks. The cost will be $45 plus $5 parking. Registration should be available on the Chapter website.

Our Chapter meeting this month will be on the 14th at the Capitol City Brewery in Arlington. Registration is now open for it. It will be Sip-and-CPE (one hour), and it is co-sponsored with the Virginia state society. So far, I understand that Accounting Trends, Government Contracting, and Tax will be represented (more to come) Please check the website. From what I can tell, only 17 have registered so far. Please sign up if you plan to attend.

For our final 2017 Chapter meeting, we will be at the Marriott on December 19th (The CPA of the Future and possibly another option); and our first 2018 meeting will be January 16th (Tri-State Tax Conference).

Membership Numbers and Referrals

Congratulations to Brian Wendroff for winning our Refer a Friend initiative last month. The incentive continues to refer a friend (new member*) for a raffle to enter a $50 gift card or $100 off your membership. During registration, your friend will have to indicate in the space provided that you referr them. The next drawing will be at the December chapter meeting. You have until December 15 to be eligible.

Our Chapter membership is at 239 members and growing. If you have not renewed, November does mean the rate goes down because of two fewer months. There will be an effort to reach out to former members this month.  

I have the continued goal for 400 plus members in our Chapter by March 2018. Please realize I am not seeking numbers just for the sake of numbers. More members mean more vitality, energy, and future viability. Please send me any ideas on how to achieve this goal.

Chapter Board

As previously announced, William (Bill) Gombar moved to Texas, and that means there is an opening on the board. So far, we have three people nominated (I would announce them, but I need to make sure they want to be considered). If you, or someone you want to nominate, is interested, please let me know.

You can email me at by November 11th, 2017. The expectations are to attend Chapter meetings whenever possible, and there is a virtual board meeting each month for one hour (attendance again is based on your availability). If you could provide some reasons and experience, that would help. You will have an opportunity to introduce yourself to the chapter on November 14th, and the chapter will vote at our December 19th meeting.

I will close each email with the same ending. This is your Chapter! If you have any constructive recommendations, please let me know. My intent is for our Chapter to provide you value offering networking and educational opportunities.

Enjoy the season even though it is getting a little too cold for my tastes. I hope to see you at a Chapter-event soon.

President, NCVSCPA, 2017-2018

* A new member is someone who has not been a member in the past two years.
NCVSCPA Newsletter - November 2017